Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Minnesota Sucks

I hate Minnesota, the 2 Seasons... Hot and humid summer... cold and frigid winter.
I hate How minnesotans stop on the freeway to watch a Highway Patrolman ticket someone.
Minnesota also has too many old people, old people smell, therefore Minnesota smells.. Pure logic

Here are a couple things I believe would help Minnesota be a better state...
1. Better planning of the highway system so there was not always a 30-40 mile stretch of busy roads "under contruction" at all times.
2. When said "construction" is taking place, actual work on the roads may improve the speed at which it is finished
3. Two more seasons, we could call them "Spring" and "Fall" I suggest putting Spring in the week it rains between Winter and Summer, and putting Fall in the week where the temperature does a nose dive between Summer and Winter.
4. Splitting the paychecks of all Minnesota weatherpersons with the rest of the residents, I'm sure most of the people in this state could just as easily say "It's going to be cold for 9 months"
5. The changing of the term "Minnesota Nice" to "Minnesota Sucks"

Lets look at some of the misconceptions about Minnesota
1. Minnesota is a good place for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports
FALSE- Minnesota is flat, ahem it's in the area called the "Great Plains"
2. Minnesota has good schools
FALSE- Every year Minnesota drops further down in comparison to other states in regard to education and spending
Minnesota has beautiful wild life
TRUE- If one considers mosquitoes as big as a Buick beautiful, The most wildlife one is likely to see is a Deer as you pull it out of the grate on your automobile
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